It’s been 5 years. I’m not gonna get into a long winded post (I’ll let Jamar do that). Hehehe. Doing this comic has been an amazing ride. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my art, and the business itself. Many highs and lows but for the most part, I’ve enjoyed every moment creating it. This was a comic I wanted to make to stand out on its own. Never wanted it to be the “black version” of existing franchises. I wanted to make something that defines who I was and something that came from my own experiences and present it to the reader to the best of my abilities. To all the people how’ve supported me, I love you! To all the people who watch my moves in silence, I don’t really love you, I think your creepy, but I don’t hate you. Lol!

This business is full of different personality types. Many of which I’d kick out of bar. But there are a few trustworthy individuals that I call my brothers and sisters. Jamar Nicholas is in the top 5. A little while ago I asked Jamar if he would write a forward for BOUNCE Vol 2. I’m going to share the forward in this link.

Thanks brother #JCMD2018! Real Rap!





By Jamar Nicholas


When I was a younger man, I took a job as a security desk receptionist at a moderately-sized liberal arts university in the middle of the city.  My job was to man a station at one of several campus dormitory entrance checkpoints for eight hours, signing in the resident’s guests, monitoring the turnstiles when students would swipe their ID, which allowed them access to the dormitory behind me. Some untold high-slash-lowlights of this job were confronting students who were trying to sneak booze into the dorms, dealing with belligerent co-eds who forgot their ID’s, and bearing witness to whatever drama went on in front of me in the lobby. Lots of fist fights, crying, walks-of-shames, cheating and pizza deliveries.


Now let’s add this wrinkle: I worked the night-shift, Thursday to Sunday nights. Magnify the bullshit by 1000 once you involve alcohol.


From 11pm until 7am, I was the only line of defense from waves of (mostly)under-aged students who would dump into the lobby at 1am after a frat-sponsored “bus-trip” where the ‘greeks’ would sell tickets to whomever had the money, load them into a school bus, and then drop them off at a bar or dark field filled with kegs where they would hardcore binge-drink for a couple of hours, then stagger back on the bus, where they would wind up now as “my problem” back home.


This example is just ONE scenario of what I had to deal with, as my job every night was to face down a horde of angry, entitled and close to black-out sloppy drunk kids who’s mission was how they could get by (or over) me to get inside.


I used to wonder about what happened on the other side of what I saw as they left to go out every night: who had to deal with them, navigating their bullshit fake ID’s, whining, entitled pre-game breath swindle-stories, fake ‘how can I be DOWN’-ness, crying and beer-muscle bullshit?


The Bouncer, that’s who. And trust, there’s a LOT of it to deal with.


When I was introduced to Chuck Collins almost twenty years ago by a mutual friend at San Diego Comic Con, he said to me ‘oh, man, Chuck is the TRUTH’, and he didn’t lie. I was blown away looking through Chuck’s portfolio of animation turnarounds, or comic boards, or whatever he was showcasing that year. This guy was SO GOOD at design, color theory and all of that stuff, I remember thinking to myself that his stuff (back then, no less) was almost TOO GOOD to be comics—it was meant for something bigger, deeper and without limitations and I’m proud to report that I was right. Comic books don’t deserve Chuck Collins.


Chuck has been producing BOUNCE! For about five years now, and in its web comic pages or in book form, not only do you get to see an avatar of Chuck himself as The Bouncer, you get to take a fantastic ride inside his brain, and the results are worth admission.


When I first started reading BOUNCE! on the web all of those years ago, I remember emailing Chuck and exclaiming ‘Yo, this is special. I think you’ve got something here’, because talking to him about the bouncing/security/nightlife personnel lifestyle, you quickly understand that the stuff he’s seen and stories he shares are so wild, they can’t be made up. You laugh at some of the wild characters that shamble into panel in his strips, but yo—THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL. Maybe it’s a mix of the nightlife, booze, drugs and desperation, but I would easily call Chuck’s drawings of his bar patrons to be caricature, satire on a cerebral level, shining a flashlight on the darkness of some of our souls. Either you’re One of Them, or you’re One of Us, the soldiers for sanity, paladins against the pissy-drunk. I’m quite fond of the re-occurring Coke Heads (they’re my favorite).


Back at that job, when I was protecting my campus dorm from a bunch of entitled college drunks, I used to struggle with explaining what I went through during a shift to people later, at breakfast the next morning. They didn’t believe me, and I didn’t have the language then to to explain the night as vividly as Chuck does in his strip, and with that, he has created documented proof of the insanity, the other side of night life.


Here, you get to stand in The Bouncers combat boots and shake your head along with him, and possibly get shown (if you happen to see yourselves as one of those patrons getting thrown out on their ass) the error of your ways.


As they say, write what you know, and that is indeed on display in Chuck’s work: A master of his craft, drawing a love letter to manga and anime, Haiti, video games, good whiskey, relationships, madness and philosophy, one strip at a time.


His tagline is TRUST THE BOUNCER!, but I also trust Chuck, and so should you.

Raise your glasses to BOUNCE! and another five years. Salud! Now get outta here, it’s closing time.


Jamar Nicholas